Naksu the boxstacking robot is sick of his job and starts knocking the boxes over. How elegantly can the deconstruction be performed?

Kumoon is the antithesis to the interminable block-movement puzzle. The blocks here are just to be knocked over. Their glowing light numbers indicate their value, which increases as you ricochet your projectiles around the room.


Back in 2005


Kumoon won the Assembly Gamedev Competition. The original game was made by Mikko Oksalahti. Ricardo Haratani and Tuomas Karmakallio were students assisting on the project. The original game was a shareware hit with millions of downloads globally.




Kumoon passed Steam Greenlight in 10 days, and was released on Steam in November 2015, localized for 25 languages. Featuring a cute robot named "Naksu" knocking over boxes, Kumoon aims for wide appeal as a casual game, but also attracts hardcore gamers from the Counter-Strike community. Oculus Rift support has been built in from the beginning and has been severely fieldtested in the Assembly and MängudeÖÖ events in 2015. The game also has an exceptional soundtrack featuring Myssi, Skaven, Tommi Salomaa, Eraser, Ilmari Tiitinen and Aleksi Eeben.


Support for HTC Vive and Nvidia Shield has just been added and the mobile versions of Kumoon for Android and iOS is coming out soon...


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